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October 30 2011

Emma W.
credits: punk-rose.com

September 02 2011

Emma Watson
credits: so-ghislaine.deviantart.com
Ben Barnes
credits: so-ghislaine.deviantart.com
Ashley Tisdale
credits: so-ghislaine.deviantart.com

August 28 2011

It all ends
Another 'Harry Potter' fan made. Do u like it? I don't actually, but it isn't look so bad.
Red 'flower'
Nothing special
Yellow flower
Worm on flower

August 15 2011

Potter wallpaper
I love it like I love Harry Potter. Tom is so hot right now, Dan's eyes are incredible and Emma looks so gorgeous. They're amazing.

August 01 2011

The last battle.
All by myself. Hope you'll like it.
Gringotts Wizarding Bank.
All by myself. Hope you'll like it.
Elder Wand.
All by myself. Hope you'll like it.

July 26 2011

Lighthouse in Hel Peninsula.
Beach of Hel Peninsula
Really cold water, not very clean but the view is amazing.
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